Lacy Crochet Flower Tutorial

Today I have a lacy crochet flower tutorial to share with you! I love making little flowers, and love the lacy center in these! They are really quick and fun to make, so you will soon be surrounded by a pretty pile of flowers! IMG_0490.JPGRound 1

1. Begin with a magic ring. Work 12 sc in circle. Here is a great tutorial for making a magic ring.


Round 2

2. Chain 3, skip next dc. Slip stitch in next dc to form little loop. Continue until you reach last ch3DSC_9562DSC_9565

3. For the last chain 3, you will instead work one chain and the connect to the beginning ch with a double crochet (the starred stitch in the picture below). This allows you to have your hook in the right position for the next round. DSC_9569_FotorDSC_9572


Round 3

4. Chain 4, slip stitch in ch3 space from previous round. DSC_9583 DSC_95885. Continue until you reach the last ch3 space, join with slips stitch in dc from previous round.DSC_9594 DSC_9597Round 4

6. Ch4 (counts as first dc, ch2), dc in same stitchDSC_9601 DSC_96037. Ch1, sc in ch4 space, ch1DSC_96088. Work dc, ch2, dc in slip stitch between ch4 spaces of previous round. Ch1, sc in ch4 space, ch1DSC_9615 DSC_96169. Repeat step 8 three more times. Join with slip stitch in second ch of beginning ch4. DSC_9620 DSC_9623Round 4

10. Slip stitch into ch2 space. Ch2 (counts as first dc), dc, ch2, 2dc in same ch2 space. DSC_962711. ch1, sc in sc from previous round, ch1DSC_962912. In next ch2 space, work 2dc, ch2, 2dc. Ch1, sc in sc from previous round, ch1DSC_963113. Repeat step 12 four more times, join with slip stitch in 2nd chain of beginning ch1DSC_9639Round 5

14. Ch2, work 4 dc in same ch2 spaceDSC_964115. ch2, slip stitch in sc from previous round, ch2DSC_964416. Work 5 dc in next ch2 space from previous round. Ch2, slip stitch in sc from previous round, ch2DSC_964617. Repeat step 16 four times, join with slip stitch in 2nd chain of beginning ch2DSC_9650 DSC_9657It’s also really easy to change the color in these flowers. I just fastened off after the third round and joined with a new color.IMG_0493.JPGThere are so many things you can do with these little flowers! I love using little flowers as coasters. I also love making long flower garlands. All you have to do is chain your flowers together. They are great decorations and make great gifts!

I hope you like this tutorial! I would love to see any little lacy flowers you make! You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more updates!


7 thoughts on “Lacy Crochet Flower Tutorial

  1. These flowers that you crocheted are so pretty and they look like coasters. I won from my friends giveaway pretty coaster like that that she made. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Oh, these are so cute! Great tutorial — the pictures help make everything so clear!

    Thanks for linking up to the Yarn Fanatic Party, I hope to “see” you there again!

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