Larksfoot Pattern!

IMG_0317-001I have a real problem with crochet blankets. I see so many beautiful blankets on Pinterest or in magazines and I just want to make them all! So, I currently have four unfinished blankets in my room. They are taking up space, so my goals is to finish them all in the next few months. That may be a little ambitious, but I want to at least feel like I’m making progress.

I wanted to share today one of my favorite blanket stitches! This is one of those never-ending blankets that I started months ago. I guess I kind of got burned out and set it aside for a while. I love the way this look, and really want it to be finished, so I pulled it out again a couple nights ago. This is one of my very favorite stitches. It looks kind of vintage to me and is so easy!

IMG_0356-001I’m using Bernat Handicrafter Cotton in the nautical colors that came out last summer. I don’t know if they are still available in stores, but you can still get a few of the colors online! I also used a size 6.00 mm hook. You can definitely use a smaller hook to get tighter stitches, but I like mine to be a little looser.DSC_8238DSC_8256This is another larksfoot blanket I made a few years ago while I was in college. It is still one of my favorite blankets! It is also my dad’s favorite. He regularly requests a giant 7′ by 8′ blanket in this stitch. I don’t know when I will find the time to make one that big, but I’m sure I will get around to it someday!IMG_0510IMG_0337-001For this blanket, I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Sungold, Old Rose, Turquoise and Ivory. 

Before I share the tutorial, I should start by saying that I definitely did not come up with this pattern!! I can’t remember exactly where I learned, but it has always been one of my favorites!

1. To begin, chain multiples of 4 plus 2. IMG_0345-0012. Starting in the second chain from hook, single crochet in each chain stitch. IMG_03683. Chain 2 (counts as first dc) and turn, skip first dc, dc in next three sc, ch1. Skip next sc from previous round and dc in next three sc, ch1. Continue working 3 dc, ch1 until you reach the end. Double crochet in last 4 sc. IMG_03914. Chain 2 (counts as first dc) and turn. Skip first dc and dc in next 3 dc from previous round. Chain 1 and skip ch1 from previous round. Continue working dc in each dc from previous round.  Make sure you end with a dc in each of the last four dc from previous round. Fasten off. IMG_04005. Join new color in the last dc from previous round. Ch2 (counts as first dc) and turn. Make dc in next dc from previous round. Chain 1, skip next dc, dc in next dc. For the next dc, insert your hook in the hole from two rounds before. The spot is marked with the star in the picture below. IMG_0417_FotorIMG_0427Double crochet in next dc from previous round. Chain 1, skip next dc, dc in next stitch, ch1. IMG_0432Continue working 3 dc, ch1 until the end of the row. End one dc in each of the last two stitches. IMG_04496. Chain 2 (counts as first dc) and turn. Dc in next dc from previous round, ch1IMG_0454Work dc in next 3 dc from previous round, ch1. Continue working 3dc, ch1 to the end of the round. End with double crochet in last two dc from previous round. IMG_0460IMG_04637. Join new color in last dc from previous round. Ch 2 (counts as first dc) and turn. Work dc in next stitch, double crochet in ch1 space from 2 rounds before (where the star is in the picture below)IMG_0472_FotorIMG_0475Double crochet in next stitch, ch1, skip next dc, dc in next stitch. Continue working 3 dc, ch1 until the end of the row. End with four dc. IMG_0480

IMG_04818. Ch2 (counts as first dc) and turn. Dc in next 3 stitches, ch1, dc in next 3 stitches, ch1. Continue to end of row, ending with a dc in last 4 stitches. Fasten off!IMG_0484There you have it! It really is an easy stitch, and looks so cool when you use multiple colors! Please let me know if you have any questions or if anything is unclear! And, I would love to see any pictures of anything you make with the larksfoot pattern! You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more pictures of my many blankets!

13 thoughts on “Larksfoot Pattern!

    1. Thank you! I’m right there with you… so many blankets to make and not enough time!

  1. This is such a great blanket! I can’t wait to try and make one of my own.

    I was wondering if you could explain how you made the white border around the white/pink/yellow/blue blanket you have on your blog. And what’s a normal amount to chain to get a nice size blanket, similar to the ones that you make? I started one a couple weeks ago and accidentally made it about 9 feet long!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you so much! For the white border, I just did a round of single crochets and a round of double crochets. Going along the sides can be a little tricky as there are no real clear stitches to work in. As long as you try to get the single crochets as evenly spaced as possible, it will look fine! I have definitely done the same thing with blanket sizes before! It is not fun pulling out all the work you’ve done when you realize it is going to be GIANT! This blanket started with a chain of about 172, and I think it is a great size.

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