About Me

My name is Kate and I’m a twenty-three year old Florida girl who loves to crochet!  My mom taught me years ago, but I only really fell in love with it in the past few years. I studied political science and history at BYU and I’m a volleyball coach for a local club. I wanted to start this blog to document some of the things I’ve made and little parts of my life!

I love dogs more than most normal people.  My blog is named after my sweet little Lhasa Apso, Lizzie.


You can contact me at lizziebellacrochet@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mischele

    Just found you and love this site. Your tutorials are fantastic. Was wondering if you did any crochet with beads? Mischele

    1. Kate

      Thank you!! I have not crocheted with beads before, but a do love the way it looks. I’ll have to give it try one day!


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