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Scarf Weather

It has been cold here in Florida this week! So cold that I haven’t felt ridiculous wearing my coat and scarves. After living in Utah for four years, I feel kind of silly coming home and getting all bundled up when it’s not really that cold. But this week is definitely cold enough, and I’m kind of loving it! I didn’t think I would miss the cold and snow that much, but I actually do. I really love winter clothes and I have more scarves than I care to admit, so I really love days that I get to wear them.  We’re even supposed to have icy rain this afternoon!

I recently ordered this yarn from KnitPicks. I got their catalogue in the mail a few weeks ago, and I really wanted to try their yarn.  They have a great selection of colors, and I was really happy with what I picked out.


I wanted to try a bulky yarn for a cowl, so I ordered the Billow yarn in Gosling, Sagebrush and Lichen.  I really love the color and the softness, but I expected it to be thicker.  The thickness actually varied throughout.  Some places were really thick, while others were super thin.  Overall, I really like the yarn, and I plan on ordering more in some of the other beautiful colors!


I used it to make a soft cowl, and I think it looks great! I’m happy with the way it turned out, and I think the varying thickness of the yarn gave the cowl a neat texture.


Close Up