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Fourth of July Ideas!

Fourth of July Idea The 4th of July is just around the corner, so I thought I’d put together some easy Fourth of July Ideas to share!

Bunting I’ve always loved the look of bunting, I’ve just never made it before. I thought the 4th of July would be a perfect time to try it out! I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream Cotton in Red, White, and Nautical Blue. The colors were perfect for these projects! DSC_7933I found a great bunting tutorial at Pink Milk! You can make them whatever size you want and in any color combination! I made one that was just red and blue and another that was a little bigger in red, white and blue. I added little stars (tutorial from bitOwhimsey) to the blue ones. I just attached them to the blue triangles with fabric glue, and they’re holding on great!DSC_7967.NEFDSC_8053 I love the way the bunting turned out! It was really easy, but turned out so cute! If you want to try another kind of bunting, I’d take a look at this beautiful bunting from Petals to Picots! It is so pretty and festive! Bunting Star Pot Holders and Dishcloths I saw these and thought they would be perfect for the 4th! I used this pattern by Maggie Weldon to make dishcloths and potholders. DSC_8032.NEF I love these! There are so many color combinations you can try! I am so excited to use these on the Fourth of July! I stitched two dishcloths together to make thicker potholders. I added a few pictures to show you how I joined them and added the loop! 1. Make 2 star dishcloths DSC_7973.NEF 2. Put them back to back. You will slip stitch through the back loops only. I marked them with stars in the picture below.DSC_7978_FotorDSC_7979 3. Join new yarn with a slip stitch through the back loops. Continue slip stitching through the back loops of each double crochet DSC_7981DSC_7986 4. In the corners, slip stitch in the top loop of the chain stitches. DSC_7987_Fotor 5. When you get to the corner that you want to add the loop, slip stitch in both chain stitches like the other corners, then chain 7. DSC_7993 6. Flip the potholder over so you’re looking at the back side. DSC_7997 7. Slip stitch in the chain 2 space of both potholders, chain 1DSC_8000 8. Work 11 single crochets in the chain 7 loop DSC_8003DSC_8007 9. Continue slip stitches in the remaining double crochetsDSC_8010 10. When you get back to the beginning, slip stitch in the first slip stitch and fasten off!DSC_8012 I also made a few dishcloths with this pattern. I usually really don’t like variegated yarn, but for some reason I’m okay with it for the Fourth of July. I used Lily’s Cotton and Cream in Nautical Ombre and Nautical Twists! I love the way the one in Nautical Twists turned out!Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.09.24 PM Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 5.12.22 PM I really love the way these potholders and dishcloths turned out! I love that they are quick enough to make in one sitting, and I plan on making several more! I think they would be great little gifts to bring to a Fourth of July barbecue or cook out! I think they would be a hit! Blanket If you have a lot of free time between now and the 4th and you’re feeling motivated, how about making one of these awesome blankets? I definitely don’t need to start another blanket right now, but maybe one day I’ll be able to make it. I think it would be so great to have for any patriotic holiday! I love it! This is a free pattern from Lion Brand and you can get it here! American Flag Blanket I hope these suggestions helped you come up with some ideas for the Fourth of July! I would love to see anything you make!