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Last Volleyball Tournament and New Projects

This weekend was the last tournament of the season! It still feels like it barely started! Friday night I got to go to the Florida Region Volleyball Award Banquet. The guest speaker was Stacy Sykora!


She went to the Olympics three times and won a silver medal! She was pretty great! I’ve watched her play for years, so it was really neat to get to hear about her experiences. She passed around the medal and I was beyond excited to hold it!

OlympicMedal1 OlympicMedal3 OlympicMedal2

I was also able to watch a little of the Florida Men’s Professional team play.  They were awesome! It made me miss BYU volleyball games so much!


It is so crazy how high they can jump and how hard they can hit! It is so fun to watch!

My team did pretty well this weekend! We made it to the gold bracket, but lost early in the playoffs. My team has improved so much and it has been so fun to watch!

With volleyball season winding down, I will hopefully have more time to devote to the blog and new projects! I’ve been working on a few new things that I will share with you as soon as I can!

I’m working on something really neat with this yarn from KnitPicks! This is my first time using the Brava Worsted, and I really like it! Plus, there is a great color selection.


I can’t show you what I’m making yet. It’s a gift and I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I’ve also come up with another mandala pattern! I really like this one and I’m so excited to share it! Hopefully I can get it up for you within the next week!



Disney Tournament and New Projects!

This weekend I was in Orlando for the Disney Volleyball Qualifier tournament! It was a huge 3 day tournament with hundreds of teams!

Chloe and I left thursday afternoon.  I had to check my team in at the Convention Center, then we checked in to my hotel.  We stayed at the World Center Marriott and it was an awesome hotel! There were about four or five restaurants in the hotel and was so pretty! I was so excited when I saw that we had a patio, but was kind of disappointed when I saw we just had an excellent view of the roof.


We played three games friday, three games saturday and two on sunday.  Our games were in the afternoon, with our first game at 3:00pm and our last game at 7:00pm.  It’s really neat going to big tournaments like this one that are held in big convention centers.  There were about 100 nets set up with games being played at each.

Volleyball Courts

Saturday we had a team lunch at King’s Bowling Alley.  They got our reservation wrong, and only had one waitress working our group of 30 people. It took forever, and we were rushing to get to the convention center in time to play.  While we were eating, the weather turned horrible and we all received alerts on our phones that a tornado had touched down.  Thankfully, the restaurant was only a few minutes from the convention center, so I didn’t have to drive too far in that weather. I don’t think I’ve ever driven in anything that bad before, but I figured the convention center would probably be a pretty safe place.

The weekend was very fun, and my team did pretty well, but I sure am tired today! It was so hard getting out of bed this morning and having to go to work.

I didn’t have much time to work on projects this weekend.  After finishing the chair covers for my friend, I decided I really wanted one for my desk chair.  I got this chair from Target years ago, and I really like it, but the paint is starting to wear off and turn blue from my jeans.


ChairSquaresI’m using different colors from the other chair pads, and I really love it!

ChairCoverIf you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a picture of this new mandala I made last week!

Mandala 1I like that this one kind of looks spiky and looks really great with a lot of different colors! Hopefully I’ll be able to get a tutorial and pattern up for it this week!